How to deal with the leakage of high voltage chip lamp beads

2020-04-28 1321

1. The primer is too thick, which leads to leakage.

2. For example, when the lamp bead is welded, the improper operation of the wire welding machine causes the excessive pressure when the magnetic nozzle is welded to the wire, resulting in chip damage and chip cracking.

3. Static electricity causes the leakage of lamp beads. Static electricity is usually caused by conflicts, which is also a relatively simple reason for leakage. Therefore, employees should wear static clothes and static caps when producing lamp beads to minimize the occurrence of static electricity.

4. There are defects in the chip itself, resulting in leakage.

5. The chip has been contaminated, which is the most common problem. The reason may be that when using the chip, you don't pay attention to it, so that the chip is stained with dust or water vapor and other things. LED chip is a very small thing. If you don't pay attention to it a little, it will damage the structure of the lamp bead, resulting in the leakage or dead lamp of the lamp bead. Therefore, it is required to use dust-free workshop in the workshop, wear anti-static gloves when taking chips, operators are not allowed to dress up for operation, hair should be coiled during operation and so on.

6. When the lamp bead welding line is not well welded, the lamp bead leaks electricity. For example, if the wire is welded to the wrong side, faulty welding or improper setting of welding wire tension, the phenomenon of lamp bead leakage will occur, which is also a common problem.