What are the advantages and disadvantages of high voltage patch lamp beads

2020-04-28 1266


1. High light efficiency. It is connected by multiple chips in series, and the light efficiency is 5-10% higher than that of the common light source with the same wattage.

2. Low power requirements. The price of power supply has become the primary issue of career development, and high-voltage lamp beads have the inherent advantage that they can be operated by a few lamp beads with a linear constant current driver (several components, cost reduction).

3. Lamp beads and linear power supply are integrated together to save money. In recent years, there are many linear constant current driving IC functions on the market, some of which have achieved efficiency of more than 90%. Because of the small volume of linear constant current IC and the small number of peripheral components, the power drive part can be directly made on the PCB, and then the space for installing the power supply bin and the relevant links for installing the power supply (and the shell to insulate) are omitted, and then the advantages of cost control, storage, production capacity, delivery time and other costs are highlighted.

4. Advantages of light source: because the traditional light source with low VF value is used after more than n series and parallel, the cost of welding labor is high, and the products with poor welding emerge in an endless stream, and then affect the production capacity and bring a lot of secondary cost.

5. Light failure: because the traditional light source is made by n-string-n-parallel method, it is well known that when VF inconsistent light sources are combined together, the current loaded on each light source will be different, and then some light sources will be aging or dead in advance, and then the light failure acceleration of the whole lamp will be formed. And the high-pressure lamp bead is a method of collecting many strings, which can easily solve these problems.


1. This kind of high-pressure lamp beads are usually connected in series. Once a lamp bead is broken, all the lamp beads of the whole lamp will not light up.

2. This kind of high-voltage lamp bead generally uses linear constant current, basically has no maintenance, and has poor impact bearing capacity on the power grid of the city power.

3. If the high-pressure lamp bead and the driver are integrated on the aluminum substrate, the high-pressure resistance of the aluminum substrate is a hard policy, otherwise there are unsafe elements.