The quality identification method of LED chip lamp beads in Guangdong Province

2020-04-28 1231

To distinguish the quality of an LED chip lamp bead, we mainly rely on the precise inspection instrument to check the various parameters of the lamp bead, such as the brightness of the lamp bead, whether the band or color temperature of the lamp bead will be collected, the light efficiency of the lamp bead, the viewpoint and other parameters. From these parameters, we can determine the production capacity of a company's lamp bead, control the color temperature, chip and so on. We need to find professionals together You can dissect the lamp beads and check the chips used by manufacturers to package the lamp beads to determine the quality cost.

1. Cleanliness of solder joint and surface of LED chip lamp bead

The products produced by the regular manufacturers of LED chip lamp beads are SMT chip technology, which is produced by solder paste and reflow soldering technology. Therefore, the solder joints on the LED chip lamp beads are relatively smooth and the amount of solder is not much. The solder joints extend from FPC pad to LED electrode in arc shape.

2. Brightness of LED lamp beads

The brightness of the light belt made of poor lamp beads is relatively low. Because the quality of the LED lamp bead light-emitting chip determines that the brightness of the LED lamp beads made is not high. Those chips are all 1-2 cents a piece of defective goods, and the leakage (dead light) occurs when a problem is used. What the genuine chip makes is characterized by high brightness, stable function, but high price.

3. Light effect of LED chip lamp bead

This is the most important parameter to judge the quality of LED chip lamp beads. It is the luminous flux (lumen / watt, LM / W) declared by each watt of LED. The higher the luminous efficiency is, the brighter it will be. Now the luminous efficiency of a single high-power white LED in the professional mainstream is 70-100lm / W.

4. LED chip lamp bead color temperature

It is divided into warm white (k27-k35), natural white (k35-k45) and positive white (k50-k67). The smaller the color temperature classification is, the better, so that when many LEDs are lit together, it will not lead to flower like green, some are yellow, some are white due to too large color temperature difference.

The higher the color rendering index of LED chip lamp bead is, of course, the better. In this way, the color of the object will not be distorted when it is irradiated on the object. Generally, when RA reaches 80, it is very good. The better the heat dissipation of LED chip lamp bead is, the smaller the light attenuation is, of course, the better the life.