How to use the high voltage chip lamp beads

2020-04-28 1304

The application of LED chip lamp beads is more and more widespread. Its development trend is involved in all major professions. In the process of high-quality development, no one can ensure that there is no defect. As for some common sense processing methods, businesses and operators should understand that they can reduce the number of causes effectively The defects of LED lamp beads bring a series of troubles. The manufacturers of high-voltage chip lamp beads summarize some methods to deal with the defects.

1. When all LED chip lamp beads shine, the main reason for this kind of defect is due to poor contact. Due to the contact, all the products of the lamp beads are in series or in parallel. The treatment plan only needs to fix the loose lamp beads or plug them from the beginning.

2. When the light of LED chip lamp bead is dim, there are three main reasons for such defects: 1. The polarity of the lamp bead is reversed, the size is uniform and inconsistent, and the output of switching power supply is inconsistent with the voltage required by the lamp bead. Processing method: adjust the polarity of the lamp beads. The selected lamp beads are supplied by the same manufacturer. In order to reduce the defect of inconsistent output voltage of the power supply, select the standard model supplied by the same manufacturer.